It was on May 19, 1973 in Atlanta Georgia in the sanctuary of Westminster Presbyterian Church that 450 ruling elders from 261 churches representing 70,800 members joined together in a convocation of presbyters or Sessions. They listened to stirring messages. They viewed slide presentations which shared the kinds of churches and ministries which would be a part of any continuing church. They reaffirmed their commitment to the Scriptures, the Reformed faith, and the Great Commission. And when the pivotal time came for a vote as to whether to proceed ahead and actually begin a new denomination separate from the Presbyterian Church in the United States, the convocation voted 349 – 16. It would be seven more months that such a new denomination became a reality, but this was one of the important beginnings of what became known eventually as the Presbyterian Church in America.

Now, fifty years later, we are setting aside this Sunday in May and inviting you to join together in a season of prayer as we thank God for what he’s done and pray with expectation for his continued favor on our denomination. 

To remember and honor the Convocation of Sessions, we looked to the Reaffirmations of 1973 to help guide our creation of this Day of Prayer guide.  You may see the original Reaffirmations here.

View the original Convocation of Sessions bulletin here.