June 2023

Denominational Focus: PCA General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting where leaders of all PCA churches and ministries unite for fellowship, worship, and discussion to shepherd our church according to the Confessional standards Scripture teaches. Families are also welcomed to attend provided for them to inspire and unite generations in Christ’s mission.

“Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.”

 ‒ 2 Corinthians 13:11


June 4-10

Praise God for the wisdom of our founding fathers, who set up a structure that multiples the influence of our biblical and Confessional commitments and enables us to be faithful to the Great Commission.

June 11-17

Praise God for the host committees and presbyteries that work very hard to help the Administrative Committee put on the General Assembly each year.

June 18-24

Pray for health and strength for the staff and volunteers who are ensuring the Assembly runs smoothly.

June 25-July 1

Pray for the Lord’s blessing and leading as staff negotiates with cities and hotel officials for upcoming GA’s as we need larger facilities for greater numbers of attendees.


I have a deep love for the church and was blessed to attend GA for many years with my husband, Tom. It felt like family to us! There was joy in being with the body of Christ, and I loved our children seeing this in action. It was exciting to see the church grow and flourish. One of GA’s greatest strengths is the focus on the family of God – fathers, mothers and children coming together to celebrate our Reformed faith and the beauty of God’s eternal Word. GA gives families the opportunity to see each other as the body of Christ and to celebrate this unity together.

‒Jane Patete, former Coordinator of Women’s Ministries

My husband Fred (RE) and I have attended GA for many years. Our daughter grew up thinking this was normal vacation time. We came from a different theological background. In the beginning GA was instructive for me. I wanted to soak myself in Reformed thinking. The unexpected treasures I gleaned were lifelong friendships that have endured through rejoicing moments and overwhelming tragedies! We plan to be at the 50th jubilee in Memphis, because General Assembly is where we first “saw the light” of biblical thinking.

Carolyn Muse, Oklahoma City, OK

I always enjoyed going to help with GA because I would always see the “fathers and brothers” of the PCA, that I had grown up up knowing, and reconnecting with the different pastors I had met over the years. I also heard that my Dad would usually sit towards the front left of the room, and those who were wanting to “argue/vote the other way” would sit on the front right of the room. Then a lot of other people would sit behind Dad to watch him and whatever way he voted, they would vote the same way. I actually watched sometimes. People really admired my dad and his beliefs.

I remember the first year of the GA, December 1973, I was in 4th grade (I think).  I think they had the exhibit area in the fellowship hall, and Coca-Cola delivered one of those drink dispensers you would see in restaurants that would dispense Coke, Sprite, Tab or whatever, and I seem to recall that I and one or both of my sisters would stand there serving people a drink. GA was held at the old Briarwood in 1973 when it began and then in 1988 (or a year or 2 later) and 2002 at Briarwood’s Acton Road location. 2002 was the last year it was held in a church because GA was growing and there were no other churches with sanctuaries that could hold that many people.  When it was at Briarwood on the Acton Road location, it was overwhelming to hear that many men (and women during worship services) sing the hymns because it just filled the room. The church’s organist said that the singing was so loud, it drowned out the organ and he couldn’t get it loud enough!

From Frank Barker, III, servant of General Assembly who started by serving sodas and later captured the meetings on tape, and now is listening to old recordings to make sure they are preserved.

Fun Facts

  • Praise God for record attendance at the last two General Assemblies.
  • 2385 elders registered for the last General Assembly.
  • General Assembly has been held in 16 different states.
  • Three cities have hosted General Assembly four times – Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; and Birmingham, AL
  • The two most common names for GA Moderators are William and James with three each.
  • The General Assembly did not always meet in June – the first General Assembly met in December.

Kids’ Activities

June Appreciation Cards

Make cards of appreciation for your pastors and session members thanking them for what they do as part of the General Assembly


1. Print (and color).

2. Fold resulting in a front, back and inside.

3. Write a personal note of encouragement and/or prayer.