Prayer and Praises

Administrative Committee

Prayer & Praises

Praise God for the faithful leadership He has provided for the AC and the various PCA committees over the years.

Praise God for raising up funding from churches and individuals for the AC’s ministry since its inception.

Praise God for the PCA’s growth to 1593 churches in 2021.

Praise God for the AC’s opportunity to provide helpful resources to churches and presbyteries.

Praise God for the AC’s ministry of facilitating communication and building connection across the denomination.

Praise God for the PCA Historical Center’s ministry of recording the events and details of God’s faithfulness over the years.

Praise God for the officers He has raised up in the PCA who are committed to the constitution and polity, keeping us true to the Reformed faith.

Praise God for presbytery clerks’ diligence and commitment, and willingness to serve in a demanding role.

Praise God for the relationships the AC support staff has with each other. We are coworkers and fellow believers, and we are friends. In our most stressful times, we laugh and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Pray that the AC’s ministry would further the peace, purity, and mission of the PCA.

Pray for blessing on the AC’s efforts to follow through on actions of the General Assembly.

Pray that the AC’s ministry would advance the ministry and mission of the whole church.

Pray for our AC staff to provide effective service and administrative support to the churches, presbyteries, and committees of the PCA.

As we grow, the AC’s daily tasks are more pressing, and our projects are more involved. We have more presbytery minutes and clerks with whom to communicate, and more committee members to place correctly. Publications like the directory are larger, longer, with more detailed information. Pray that our staff will be able to handle the tasks without errors and frustration. Pray that we will be able to keep up with technology and that technology keeps up with us.

Pray for the Church to steadfastly trust in God’s sovereign Lordship over His Church.

Pray that we as a denomination would seek first His kingdom and righteousness.

Pray for the Church to lift our eyes and participate in His mission.

Pray for the Lord to use the AC to build unity across the denomination.

Pray for the Lord to bless and guide the many PCA committee meetings that the AC hosts, and for perseverance and strength for the staff.

Pray for the Lord to raise up faithful men to serve in leadership of the various committees and agencies.

Pray for wisdom for the Standing Judicial Commission as they adjudicate cases and interact with the parties involved.

Pray for the Review of Presbytery Records Committee to have discernment and insight as they help provide accountability to our shared mission and commitments.

Pray for the Theological Examining Committee as they preserve the PCA’s original vision and ongoing integrity of our leaders.

Pray for the Administrative Committee staff not to grow weary in their service of the Church.

General Assembly

Prayer & Praises

Praise God for the wisdom of our PCA founding fathers, who set up a denominational structure that multiplies the influence of our Biblical and Confessional commitments and enables us to be faithful to the Great Commission.

Praise God for record attendance at the last two General Assemblies.

Praise God for the host committees and presbyteries that work very hard to help the AC put on the General Assembly each year.

Praise God that the nature of our debates indicates that none of us want to do less than Scripture requires.

Praise God that He is providing His church with resources and commitments needed for the advance of Christ’s mission.

Pray for health and strength for the staff and volunteers who are ensuring the Assembly runs smoothly.

Pray that the technology used at the Assembly would run smoothly. 

Pray for the Nominating Committee members to know the Lord’s leading in putting forth candidates for various committees.

Pray that we will treat one another with love and respect in a time where our culture’s polarities have made relationships difficult.

Pray for the Lord’s blessing and leading as staff negotiate with cities and hotel officials for upcoming GA’s. Growing numbers greatly impact planning: space, costs, materials, and time that it takes to prepare.